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How to have sustainable growth?

IKEA group is own by foundation and is therefore not listed on the stock market and doesn’t depend on investors, this let us think and invest in the long term. Our Principle is to earn money before we spend it. In fact our profit, can only be reinvested, used for charitable purpose through the IKEA foundation or save for rainy days.

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As you may know, a person who does not understand English can write his will in Chinese or any other language that he understands but under Order 71 Rule 7 (2) of the Malaysian Rules of Court 2012 an official translation is required to be certified by a court interpreter or a translation verified by the affidavit of a person qualified to translate it.

Based on the recent circular issued by Malaysian Bar, with immediate effect, the translators of the court will not translate any wills not written in English.

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Malaysia Estate Planning – Tax

There are only two things certain in life: death and tax.

In the recent news, the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) says that they are empowered under the law (Section 64 & Section 102) to collect outstanding tax even after someone has died and they have the right to claim outstanding tax from the rightful next-of-kin.

In another news as reported by Sin Chew, IRB has revealed that there are about RM1.7b unpaid taxes owed by the deceased to IRB. (English) (Mandarin)