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How to have sustainable growth?

IKEA group is own by foundation and is therefore not listed on the stock market and doesn’t depend on investors, this let us think and invest in the long term. Our Principle is to earn money before we spend it. In fact our profit, can only be reinvested, used for charitable purpose through the IKEA foundation or save for rainy days.

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万军之耶和华说:你们要将当纳的十分之一全然送入仓库,使我家有粮,以此试试我,是否为你们敞开天上的窗户,倾福与你们,甚至无处可容。 万军之耶和华说:我必为你们斥责蝗虫(原文是吞噬者) ,不容它毁坏你们的土产。你们田间的葡萄树在未熟之先也不掉果子。 万军之耶和华说:万国必称你们为有福的,因你们的地必成为喜乐之地。” (玛拉基书 3:10-12 和合本)