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“Who do we position as our life provider ?” is the most important question and our answer for this question, will decide whether we are the master or the slave of our wealth. Today I’ve read an awesome blog post this important truth (the most important) for true wealth management …  Here is part of the blog post of [8 HARD LESSONS I LEARNED FROM LEAVING MY JOB AND MY CHURCH] by Frank Powell

“This church isn’t your source of income. God is. He is simply using this church to fund you. If you are confident God is calling you to leave, he will find another way to provide for you.”


Here’s what I want you to know. God is responsible for your income. Organizations, businesses, churches, and individuals are simply a means for God. You must remain faithful to God’s calling, not your pay check. If God calls you to go, you must go. And, I can promise you this. He will provide. You might have to adjust your lifestyle. You might have to make sacrifices. But never forget that God is your source of income.

When you lose sight of this, you become enslaved to your employer.

I have heard more than one story of a minister or businessman who refused to leave a job even though the situation was toxic. If you refuse to leave a job because it will require you to change your lifestyle, who are you really serving?

Trust God. He will provide. Always. … ”

Click here for the complete blog post.

We will always have to know who is our true provider. If we let ourselves, organizations, businesses or individual, then we will easily become enslave to the others, which is another way of become the slave of the our wealth, because it will take control of our decision.

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